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Mad Cow

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Maize Valley

Mad Cow Wine - A sweet white wine

You’ve heard of “cow tipping”, but how about a “tipsy cow”? You may not know this, but before making wine at Maize Valley, the family was in the dairy farming industry and owned about 130 cows. When the last of the dairy herd was sold, proceeds from the sale were invested into the current business and vineyard. The days of 4 am milking are now long gone, thankfully, and to pay tribute to the history and family legacy, “Edith”, a real cow owned by the family, was pictured on the label of Mad Cow wine. Edith produced over 100,000 gallons of milk in her lifetime, so we figured she could use a drink!

Mad Cow is made from the Niagara grape, most known for its commercial use in white grape juice in the United States. Mad Cow is a light fruity, white wine with strong “grapey” flavors and a sweet finish. You will experience the flavors of fresh picked grapes from the vine.

About MV Mad Cow:
Vintage: 2012
Varietal: Niagra Grape
Varietal Composition: 100% Niagra
Barrel Aging: N/A
Fermentation: 100% Stainless Steel
Fruit Source: Pennsylvania
Analysis Alcohol: 10.5%, Residual Sugar – 5.5%

Recommended Pairing:
Maize Valley Mad Cow wine is a perfect pairing for your next barbeque, picnic or any gathering of friends or family that you want to have a good time. Eat what you like, drink what you like….be happy!